Photo Story : Banshee

Back on day 284 of my 365 Project, I posted an image of a wicked looking monster, what we dubbed the banshee.  That photo was just part of a larger series, one that tells the story of a young couple out for a picnic, when dark influences cause things to take a turn for the worse…

Happy New Year, and 2014 In Hindsight

First of all, thank you to all of you who followed along this year!  There were some definite highs, some lesson-inducing lows, and the whole project was fun and educational!  I got to explore some photography styles and techniques that I don’t tend to lean toward, which was awesome.

What does 2015 hold for me as a photographer?  Well, not another 365 Project, that’s for certain.  😉  The thing I learned about such a project, that while fun and it keeps me shooting, it also limits the time I can put into any one project.  So in 2015, I want to keep shooting, but going bigger and better with my concepts.  I had several ideas that I wanted to shoot in 2014, but I just couldn’t make them work or schedules got in the way.  So I plan to make some (or all) of those concepts happen in the coming year!  I have weddings to photograph, models to work with, and designers that I’ve been talking with to work out shooting some of their creations.  I’m excited to see what comes my way in 2015!

That means I’ll still be updating my blog, just not on a daily basis.  But keep your eye out for new fun-ness, as it is surely to happen!

Once again, thank you for being a friend and a fan, and for watching this blog for the last 365 days!  Also a huge thank you to the models, makeup and hair people, and friends who helped out and supported this project!  It couldn’t have happened without you!  Happy New Year to you all, be safe and wonderful!


Day 365 : Year’s End

Day 365, Photo 365, 2014If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that you shouldn’t count on anything.  Take today’s shoot for example…it was supposed to be something completely different, and for various reasons, it just didn’t work out.  So, what to do?  Pack up and go shoot in the middle of the woods in the snow!  Heck yes!  So while things may not always be what you expect, you always have the ability to make them fun and interesting.  😉

Model, Makeup, Hair, and Wardrobe : Teal Jandrain


Day 364 : Cold Winter Night

Day 364, Photo 365, 2014Holy crap, it’s -14 degrees out…no wonder no one was out while I was taking photos!  LOL

Day 363 : Jellyfish

Day 363, Photo 365, 2014Smoke has kind of been my go-to when I don’t know what else to shoot during this 365 project…but I can’t say that I mind, and I wanted to get one last good shot in before the year is over.  😉

Day 362 : Mint Julep

Day 362, Photo 365, 2014Because my mouth wanted one, your eyes get one too!  😉

Day 361 : Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Day 361, Photo 365, 2014I wanted to photograph some more food before the end of this project, and I just happened to be roasting pumpkin seeds this morning!  They are delish, by the way.  😉

Day 360 : Bloodletting

Day 360, Photo 365, 2014Sometimes, spontaneous events just lend themselves to your art.  😉

Day 359 : Xmas Selfie

Day 359, Photo 365, 2014While the idea of doing some big, elaborate, crazy shoot for Christmas DID cross my mind…I went with spending it with my family and friends instead.  😉  Here’s a quick Christmas selfie!  Merry Christmas!

Day 358 : Holiday Reflection

Day 358, Photo 365, 2014I wish you and your loved ones the very best of holidays!  Be safe, cherish one another, and enjoy!  🙂

Day 357 : Doughflake

Day 357, Photo 365, 2014Sugar cookies in the making!  Almost didn’t get a 365 today, we’ve been bakin’ machines!  😉

Day 356 : Daydream

Day 356, Photo 365, 2014Thoughts of ocean waves and endless skies and the endless wonder of space and existence.

Day 355 : Don’t Look At Me

Day 355, Photo 365, 2014Yup, did this as a last minute idea, pretty much weird for weirdness sake.  🙂

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